Moving Tips

Our top moving tips for you big day

10 moving hacks that will save you money on your next local move

I’m Alex from Spectrum local movers. I am one of the local moving coordinators hers and I want to make you next move so much easier, so here are my top packing and moving hacks that everybody needs to know.

  1. Use Your Sheets, Blankets, Towels and Clothes as Bubble Wrap.
    The first hack this is going save you a load of money on bubble wrap and newspaper just use sheets and cloths and dish cloths and towels anything that you might have in the house that is padded pad. The great thing about this moving tip is it saves you so much money and it’s also going to save you space as well because you’re packing two things at once.
  2. Don’t Take Your Clothes Off The Hangers
    This is something I started to realize about 5 years ago because if you just leave the clothes on the hangers, place a bag over the clothes to protect them from the elements. Most trucks have a rail which you can hang your clothes on. You’ll save on packing boxes and your clothes won’t get wrinkled.
  3. Use What You Already Have
    If you have suite cases, shoes, hand bangs duffle bangs…etc. Just use what you have and fill them with socks, make up, kitchen utensils, T.V remotes…etc. This is a great way of saving money on moving supplies as well as keeping your household items organized. You’ll be amazed on how must space you saved.
  4. Roll it, Don’t Fold it
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said this in the past. When you roll your shirts, pants, sweaters and underwear you will save a tremendous amount of packing space but not only that you will keep your clothes virtually wrinkle free.
  5. Color Code Your Boxes
    It seems very obvious but if you color code your boxes for example Green=Bathroom , Red=Kitchen , Black=Bedroom it will be very easy to sort out your boxes once you have moved into your new home. I’ve spent countless amount of hours trying to read my sons handwriting or trying to find where on the box it says “Bathroom”. Now I just take a sharpie marker and scribble a few colored lines on each box. For tables and chairs just use a colored sticker so the movers know what room the furniture belongs in.
  6. Use Supermarket Plastic Bags
    A few months before you move collect all those plastic bags that the supermarket uses to pack your groceries in. This is a great packing material to use when packing coffee cups, glasses or anything that is fragile. You can also use plastic bags for shampoo, perfume, spices or anything that can spill or burst. Once you’ve moved you can bring the plastic bags back to the grocery store on your next trip for recycling!
  7. Take Pictures Of Your Shelves before dismantling
    I can’t tell you how many people we’ve moved that can not remember how they had their shelves set up prior to moving. Before you move take a picture of your shelve, kitchen counter and even your bathroom cabinet so you can set up everything the way you are used to it.
  8. The one rogue screw
    Seems like whenever you move there is this one rogue screw that you can’t remember where it goes. I got this very simple hack. If for example it is a dining room chair screw. Just take a plastic sandwich bag and label it “dining room chair screws” and tape the bag to the chair where it belongs. Even if the bag falls off you can still recover where the screw came from.
  9. The Cardboard Toilet Paper Roll Hack.
    I love this one. You know when you travel abroad and you bring jewelry your necklaces get all tangled? Just take a toilet paper cardboard roll and place one end of your necklace through the end and clip the opposite end. This will make it easier to organize your necklaces as well as keeping them tangle free.
  10. The Paper Plate Hack
    If you have expensive china plates or just some plates that you use everyday and you don’t want to break, take some paper plates and put them in between the stack of ceramic plates. (like a sandwich) this will keep the plates from sliding and help prevent them from chipping or breaking.

I hope it was as enjoyable to read my top 10 local moving tips as it was writing them. From all of us at Spectrum Local Movers we wish you a safe and enjoyable move.